2 Kings 6

  1. Extraordinary miracles in this chapter when one gives thought to it. I suppose, though, when one gives thought to any of the miracles recorded in Scripture they are all extraordinary.  Not only do we read of something physically impossible, iron floats (6:1-7), but we also read of a warrior army receiving charitable treatment (6:8-23). With the Lord, however, what is physically impossible becomes possible, yea, even certain. Certainty in a king’s decree, on the other hand, does not always come to pass (6:24-33).
  2. Application: It is so easy to become discouraged when facing some of life’s greatest travails. It does not matter exactly what one considers an affliction or not; when a stressful situation arises it is not always easy to know what to do or how to do it. Often, there are some who hang their head in despair, quickly conquered by the circumstances. Life’s circumstances are not, necessarily, an indication of the Lord’s approval or disapproval. So easy it is to interpret things along that line. In the nature of the case, our circumstance can be either the result of our doing or the result of another’s doing. The Lord’s approval is condition on one thing: our faithful response to Him. When we respond like this then who is it that can defeat us? Even if one’s life is extinguished, who can defeat a faithful child of God?