2 Kings 8

  1. Elisha’s work was, very much, noticed by the king. A famine on the land sent a woman and her son away for seven years; when she returned the king granted her request (8:1-6).  Elisha grants a request of him by the Syrian commander concerning the king’s health (8:7-15). Resuming the historical sequence, we are told of Jehoram reign over Judah. He was the son of the righteous king Jehoshaphat. Jehoram (also known as Joram) was an evil king; evil because of two things: his heart’s desire and his association with Ahab’s family (8:16-24). After his reign of eight years his son, Ahaziah, took the throne and reigned only one year. He, too, was an evil king (8:25-29).
  2. Application: Why is it that people fail to see that association with evil is only bad news? Surely they have been taught it to one degree or another, but still there is the association. Perhaps it has to do with what people consider to be evil. Jehoshaphat surely instilled in his family devotion to the Lord, but there came a diluted period of time where the term “devotion to the Lord” became a confused concept. Another reason is connected to one’s heart desire. The confused idea as to what is right is swirling in the brain, and when one adds to this his own inclinations, then a recipe for disaster is primed and ready to go!