2 Kings 9

  1. The nation Israel (northern kingdom) was in political disarray because their moral and spiritual compass was spinning every which way.  Joram was king over Israel, but the Lord had anointed a new king over Israel; his name was Jehu (9:1-13). With Jehu now the Lord’s chosen over the northern kingdom (Israel), he sets out to do exactly the bidding the prophet said for him to do (9:7-10). This was, most certainly, a bloody purging (9:14-37).
  2. Application: Be sure your sin will find you out, Moses said to the tribes who chose to live on the east side of the Jordan (Numbers 32:23). No matter the efforts or the lengths to which man will go, he can’t go far enough and he can’t expend enough effort and energy to out-distance the Lord. When I was growing up, a favorite acronym used wasCYB (though the letter B was not used, but a vowel was). I used it often; then I learned that the best thing to do was simply do the right thing; then no acronym would be needed. Israel and Judah were complaisant with one another, and it would be foolish to think they were not always looking behind them to be sure their tracks were covered and/or protected. In all this the Lord was forgotten. However, the Lord did not forget.