2 Samuel 1

  1. David survived the scare his men put in him and recovered all that belonged to his entourage. The raiding party that plagued him was Amalekites. Recovering all he had, he now waited on the news that surely would come from the battlefield in which Israel was engaged with the Philistines. Word came of Israel’s defeat, and the word came from an Amalekite. For David this was a time of mourning; he mourned for the king of Israel and his death, he mourned for Jonathan in his death, and he mourned that Israel suffered a defeat at the hands of the uncircumcised (this defeat would tell David that the Lord was not pleased with Israel). The Amalekite who brought the news to David thought he was going to be in good standing, but he soon learned that it is not the prerogative of man to kill the Lord’s anointed – even if he had, supposedly, good intentions. Moreover, from what we read in the previous chapter, Saul was already dead!
  2. Application: In the Lord’s time all will be made clear. David waited for the Lord to bring clarity out of the confusion he suffered the last number of years. That kind of patience is one that is to be noticed.