2 Samuel 15

  1. Evil knows how to wait. For four years Absalom bided his time until the conspiracy he planned was ready to go into action. As he set about to usurp his father, he did so by “stealing the hearts” of the people. He positioned himself between the king and the people. Some think that Absalom had the majority of the nation with him. Whether that is so or not, there was much chaos when David heard the news of Absalom’s usurpation. He left the city with but a small contingent of loyal people; he left behind his belongings, his home furnishings, and concubines. Leaving in haste as he did there was not much else he could do. He was fortunate in that the few loyalists he had were prepared to help him against Absalom; more than that, he had the Lord on his side.
  2. Application: When suffering through a humiliating experience as he was, it might have been easy for David to wonder if the Lord was on his side (15:25). Though he might have wondered, he prayed to the Lord to thwart the counsel of Ahitholphel (15:31). What else was he to do? When he needed strength (cf. 1 Samuel 30:6), he could only turn to the Source of all strength, and this he did. **** Evil will wait until an opportune time (cf. Luke 4:13), and since the time that Absalom’s sister was violated a period of time of about 11 years have come and gone. What an application we can make to this! Since evil is so patience, let us not lose sight of the fact that our persistent wrong will catch up to us. It may be that we think our wrong will stay in the past (and perhaps it will), but on the other hand, it may very well catch up. When it does to whom will you turn?