2 Samuel 16

  1. In the fast-paced action of David leaving Jerusalem, he is met by two people of note. The first is the servant of Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth; his name is Ziba. David is moved by the loyalty of Ziba, and lets him know as much. The second person of note was a man named Shimei of the hose of Saul. He yelled his rants at David, saying as much that the sins of David have come back to haunt him. Finally, as the chapter closes Absalom is greeted by Hushai, and is confused by this greeting. Certainly Absalom thought Hushai would stay with David, but Hushai convinced Absalom that he would be loyal to the throne regardless of who sat on it.
  2. Application: In times of stress one quickly learns who loyal subjects (or friends) are. It was the Lord who put David on the throne, but not all the people of Israel accepted such an action of the Lord. In fact, as we learn, Shimei thought that David usurped the throne that belonged to the house of Saul. With this perception of his he casts aspersion on David and, as a consequence, on the Lord also (this would come back to haunt him). This is often the way it is: perception is reality for some folk. In fact, it is not always the case that perception is reality, but delusion.