2 Samuel 22

This chapter is a psalm of praise for the Lord. It is a reproduction of Psalm 18.

  1. The Lord is David’s strength (22:1-4).
  2. In distress David calls out to the Lord (22:5-7).
  3. The Lord’s response to David’s call (22:8-16).
  4. According to David’s righteousness the Lord was his support (22:17-25).
  5. The Lord’s responsive attributes (22:26-28).
  6. God is a shield to all who trust Him (22:29-37).
  7. David is victorious over his enemies (22:38-46).
  8. David’s summary of God’s greatness (22:47-51).

Application: The application of this psalm is in who the Lord is. Whatever is to be said about David and his character, it is to be said in relation to the Lord’s response to him. David would not have been – could not have been – as successful as he was without the Lord. Neither can we!