2 Samuel 4

  1. Saul’s son, Ishbosheth was murdered in cold blood, as they say. He was murdered by two men who were seeking a reward (presumably). David regarded this as an act of treachery, and the only reward for such evil was death.
  2. Application: When it is assumed that one’s action will be interpreted by another in a particular way, that assumption, many times makes one look like a donkey! The men who served the king of Israel, Ishbosheth, turns against him when they thought it served their interest. They thought David would reward them for their effort in unifying Israel under one king. They thought wrong. This is often what occurs. Is it good when one begins to attribute a way of thinking to another, and they get that wrong 50% of the time? Sure it is! If one desire to get it right 100% of the time, rather than interpret just let the other express him or herself; that way we have no reason to wonder.