2 Samuel 5

  1. With the nation of Israel still in a bit of disarray, it finally came time for the remainder of Israel to recognize David as king not only over Judah, but all the northern tribes also. For a period of 40 years he reigned over Israel (5:1-5). The remainder of the chapter brings to our attention 4 events in David’s life that brought to David’s mind his assurance that the Lord has established his kingdom (5:12). The four events are: 1) the unification of Israel under David, 2) the taking of Jerusalem, 3) the recognition of the king of Tyre, 4) the defeat of the Philistines not once, but twice.
  2. Application: David was a young man of 30 years of age when he became king over Judah, and about 37 years of age when he became king over all Israel. As I look upon the age (especially at the age I am now) I see it to be too young. However, the Lord did not, and because David depended on the Lord for guidance, the Lord saw to it that his reign was not only established, but that it also prospered. How does one measure prosperity? In David’s case we can say that much material wealth was accumulated. Better yet, in David’s case, we can say that he prospered in his relationship with the Lord.