2 Samuel 6

  1. Firmly established as king over Israel, David brings the Ark of the Covenant from its current resting place to the Tabernacle prepared for it. Unfortunately, however, David did this without the Lord’s authorization. The sacred religious relic is transported via an oxen-drawn cart. The authorized mode of transportation is on foot. When the oxen stumbled over the ground Uzzah, presumably with good intentions, seeks to steady the cart, but the Lord used this occasion to communicate the seriousness of their breach. Uzzah is immediately struck by the Lord in this compromise of His will. David is angered and then frightened by the prospects of what just occurred and what might occur later. With the Ark of the Covenant left with Obed-Edom, David later retrieves it and brings it to its new home. In so doing he transports the ark in accordance with the Lord’s will, bringing the Ark into Jerusalem with much joy and fanfare. David’s wife, however, looks upon this with contempt. David replies to her contempt by letting her know that in her high-mindedness it was the Lord who rejected her father and placed him on the throne.
  2. Application: I am struck by David’s wife disposition. Much has been written concerning Uzzah and the events surrounding his death, but Saul’s daughter has not had much ink “spilled” on her. Jewish commentators have additional remarks they think occurred in the dialogue, but we are not privy to that in the Sacred Record. We do this this from Scripture: Michal regarded royalty has something to be seen and dignified. David regarded the Lord to be praised and honored. Michal was in judgment of David; the Lord was in judgment of Saul’s house. David had many children; Michal had none. When we honor the Lord let us honor Him in accordance with His word (Colossians 3:17); those things not written (or addressed) by the Lord, let us use good judgment and not implement opinion as the standard of things that ought to be done.