2 Samuel 8

  1. In C-5 we have great and victorious battles David and his army waged in; again, in this chapter we read of something similar. Foes that were defeated were the Philistine, Moab, Zobah, and Syria. The king of Toi recognized David’s victories and gave him much additional wealth that David dedicated to the Lord.
  2. Application: In 8:15 we learn that with all of David’s victories there was one thing that stood out, and that was his administrative abilities in rendering judgment and justice. The NET reads that he “guaranteed justice for all…” ArtScroll reads, “…he administered justice and kindness to his entire people,” the GNB reads, “that his people were always treated fairly and justly.” Justice is to be in accordance with law, and in the case of the Israelites it was in accordance with God’s revealed law. In the Lord’s church there needs to be a balanced administration of judgment and justice. Justice is always in accordance with the Lord’s will, but judgment is a little more difficult; this is especially the case when one needs to judge on things the Lord has not revealed. This is why, in part, the Lord does not have youth in leadership!