2014 WCTV Clapper Awards & "Light From Above"

As some of you may know, I have won the Runner-Up position for “Best Religious Program” both in 2013 and 2012.   My success in the WCTV Clapper Awards, which garners the program and the church local news coverage, is because of those like you who have voted for the program online. The winner is determined by combining the independent judges’ scores and the popular vote.

Well, it is that time again! Voting has started for the 2014 WCTV Clapper Awards. To win, I need you to vote and vote often.  Since the shows are viewable online, voting is open to anyone with Internet access.  So, voting is not limited to Wadsworth, and there is NO LIMIT to how may times a person may vote. All you need to do is go to this link and vote. You do not need a login, and you do not have to leave your name, email address, etc. You could vote all day every day, if you wanted.

“Light From Above” has been nominated for three awards:

6. BEST RELIGIOUS “Light From Above – New Testament Church in Prophecy (David R. Kenney)”

10. BEST PROMTIONAL “Christian Man (David Kenney)”

15. BEST TALK SHOW “Light From Above – Interview with Greg Tidwell (David Kenney)”

As with the last two years, I do NOT vote. The only exception I make is voting for the program that my son James is in which is 8. Best Performing Arts for “Studio Strings – Stow Youth Orchestra Emeritus (David R. Kenney)” (Feel free to vote for that program too.) So, if no one votes, then we will not win. Only YOUR votes will help me win again this year.

The deadline for voting is Midnight, Sunday, October 26th. I am asking you to vote.

As always, I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement you have given me along the way!  Again, here is the link–