2015 WCTV Clapper Awards

The WCTV Clapper Awards Ballot/Survey has been posted online for all to vote. The congregation where I preach is very small and few utilize the Internet. So, the only way “Light From Above” will win is if YOU vote. The deadline for voting is Sunday, October 25th. Since the shows are broadcasted via the Internet, WCTV allows anyone and anywhere to vote via the Internet.  I do NOT vote except for children’s show which is

8. Best Performing Arts — Studio Strings #8 – Stow Youth Orchestra (Deborah & James Kenney). Please vote for their show too if you like.

Here are the shows produced by Light From Above produced by David R. Kenney:

5. Best Documentary – Alexander Campbell (David R. Kenney). This was a full-length documentary made in cooperation with Historic Bethany, WCTV and the Gospel Broadcasting Network.

6. Best Religious Message — Light From Above #168 – Winford Claiborne & Warren F. Kenney (David R. Kenney). This show is a tribute show to both Winford Claiborne and David’s dad. Winford passed away in 2014 and Warren passed away in 2015. It includes footage of Warren delivering an after dinner lesson at the International Gospel Hour Banquet during the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship.

15. Best Talk Show — Light From Above #165 – Interview with BJ Clarke (David R. Kenney). We had the privilege of having B. J. Clarke, who is the new Director of the Memphis School of Preaching, in our area thanks to the Streetsboro church of Christ. He was willing to come in an spend the morning with us at WCTV.

You do NOT need a login or a password. You do NOT need to put in your name or address (That is OPTIONAL at the end of the ballot.) All you need to do is go to this link, vote, submit, and repeat (if you are so inclined).  Here is the link:


I have been able to place each year thanks to all those who have voted.  I thank you for your voting for my shows.  It does result in higher visibility of the church in the Wadsworth community.  David