21% of Atheists Believe in God!

Richard Mansel sent me a link that he thought was interesting. He would like to say a word or two about it, but is overwhelmed with work to such a degree that he could not justify the time away. He thought I might say a word or two.

It is beyond amazement that 21% of the atheists asked believe in God! Just think about that for a moment: since 21% of the atheists who answered the survey question believe in God, are they now….well, what would they be?

It does go to point out that confusion is the operative word in much of society. To add to the illustration of confusion, 55% of those identified as agnostic believe in God! The remarkable nature of this is in the meaning of the words of those self-described atheists and agnostics. An atheist is, literally, non-God, or one who denies the existence of God. An agnostic is one who suspends judgment as to whether there is or is not a God.

What can be made of this? At the very least, we can conclude that some words are used by people with no understanding as to meaning. Let us make an application: are we using words that we do not understand the meanings to?

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