3 Day “Journey”

For the last three days I have been attending the FHU lectures. Well, perhaps not the lectures, but I have been present at the University and have attended some of the lectures. The lectures I have attended were Winford Clairborne. He sat in a wheelchair, but still delivered an powerful lesson on Joshua 1:9-10. It is a shame that he had to bring to our attention the progression that some have pursued, but I am grateful to the Lord he was willing and able to do so. I attended a lecture by Curtis Graves on the Cities of Refuge. An exceptional lesson. Curtis shared with us his studies and some musings. Unfortunately, a brother must have been on medication because he snored loudly (I would hate to think it was other than this). The only other lecture I attended was David Pharr’s. David spoke on Gideon and gave some very practical applications. It was interesting when Brother Sewell asked David’s nephew to lead in Song, his son to lead in Prayer, his grandson to lead in Scripture Reading, and his brother to lead in Closing Prayer.

That I could have attended more is in no doubt. That I planned on not doing so is the likely scenario each year I come down. No disappointment, however. When I attend my “3 day journey,” I attend for the benefit of catching up with brothers I have not seen in a while. Whatever a good lecture would do for me in edification, spending time with the brethren surely accomplished.

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