3 Lessons for a Christian from Lightning Bugs

This time of the year is one of my favorites because of lightning bugs. They’re wonderful little insects. So wonderful, in fact, Christians can learn no less than three applicable lessons from these bioluminescent creatures.

  1. The darker the setting, the brighter the light.
    • This is an easy application to see when it comes to lightning bugs, and it’s just as important for us to understand when it comes to our relationship with the world. We’re not expected to live like the world … but we’re not expected to avoid living in the world. The only way the world can learn from us is by making ourselves visible in the midst of the world. So, you may feel like your example is useless at work, at school or even at home because of the spiritually apathetic attitudes you’re surrounded by, but remember, the darker the setting the brighter the light.
  2. The more lightning bugs there are to see, the more enjoyable they are to watch.
    • A single lightning bug can be fun to watch, but when the fields and trees are full of them the show becomes something that can’t be ignored. Christians do better when we work and serve together (you know, that whole “church being a body thing” the Bible talks about).
  3. The longer your light shines, the closer others can get.
    • If you spent much time around lightning bugs as a kid you know where I’m going with this point. The most difficult thing about getting up close to a lightning bug is most lightning bugs turn off their light just before you get close to them … and perhaps too many of us Christians have the same bad habit. We’re called to be mindful of our example to the extent that our example becomes consistent enough to truly be Christ-like, and through this example we encourage others to follow Jesus themselves. But we can’t do this if we’re too busy living like the world in the eyes of the world to the extent that our light disappears and we blend in with the darkness around us.