5 pontifications that could change the world. Or not.

P. #1. One gets the impression that weather forecasting hasn’t progressed much in the last millennium. The gadget-filled weather office predicted no sun today, with rain. We’ve not a cloud in the sky, and I have to keep the door partially closed for the brightness. This is not the first time this week either. Wonder what chances a gambler would have of beating the weatherman’s odds? When the science gets good enough to get it right nine times out of 10, that’ll be a game-changer.

P. #2. I can’t get used to writing “millennium” with two l’s and two n’s. In Portuguese it has neither: milênio. Language reform, anyone? If I were to write “milenium,” would you understand? Approve? English spelling could use some cleaning up. That may take some time, however. Something we can do right now would be to reform the quality of our language with more wholesome speech. Would that make much of a difference?

P. #3. A couple’s meet this afternoon in Taubaté has me speaking. After the suffering come games and refreshments. I like to go from the general to the specific, so I think we’ll go from the character of God’s love to marital love. If we loved as God loves, would that change our marriages, our nations, our world?

P. #4. Breaking through the chatter of the Internet is a daunting and thankless task. Obviously, if I write something, the whole world ought to flock to read it, right? How we wished it worked that way! As a people interested in communication, specifically, of the gospel, we might want to take a cue from (hold your breath!) marketers. It’s about getting people’s attention. Ethically. Honestly. Directly. Or maybe we just need to study Jesus more. Would that change our approach, get people’s attention?

P. #5. Remember those tiny booklets or folded pieces of paper called tracts often found in racks hung in a church foyer or stuffed in the purses of little old ladies? Where’d they go? Collecting dust? Are forwarded emails (please don’t!) the new electronic tracts? Who has a better idea? Why can’t somebody come up with a modern version, attractive, pointed, catchy, thoughtful?

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