50 things to expect in heaven

As promised, here is a segment of Don’s email from last night. Reading through this list gave me a stronger desire to obey the Lord in order to see those gates swing wide open and to hear that wonderful welcome into the eternal home of God. Here’s Don …

50 Things We Might Expect in Heaven, by Don Petty

1. We will all know God.

2. Jesus will be our brother.

3. It will be a place where we hold all truth in common with those around us.

4. There will be no hospitals, jails, insane asylums, or retirement homes.

5. We will have no physical ailments or problems and no need for money.

6. We will worship and praise God at the times He designates.

7. There will be no fear of fire or danger or depression or storms or crime, no enemies or war or fighting or lying or dying or embarrassment or insecurity or loss of loved ones.

8. Our responsibilities will be clear, and we will know how to do all that we are expected to do…and we will do them well.

9. There will be a place for us that Jesus has prepared … He called it a ‘mansion.’

10. There will be no night.

11. We will (as presumed) know other people from our past physical existence, but not in the same relationships, as there will be no marriage.

12. We will be in a body that cannot be corrupted.

13. There will be no varmints or thieves or pests or threats.

14. Life will be pleasurable, satisfying, fulfilling, complete.

15. We will please God.

16. There will be no doubting about our worship, our activities, our everyday life.

17. Our choices will be good ones.

18. Our wisdom will be complete and as God wants it to be.

19. We will not be in need of anything.

20. There will be no price put on the value of eternal life we will have.

21. Whatever God has in His great omniscient mind we will be there to respond appropriately.

22. There will be no one in poverty, and no anxiety and dread of payments or bills or debts.

23. Problems as we understand them will be nonexistent.

24. We will be productive as God will define it and assign it.

25. Our life will be pure and sinless, and God will be pleased with the way we live.

26. We will not miss nor have any melancholy feeling for the time we lived on earth.

27. There will be no constraints of time.

28. Our outlook on everything will be bright, and spiritual, and Holy.

29. The kind of ‘fun’ we might experience will be enfolded in an endless joy.

30. Our adventure, excitement, enthusiasm will be as God gives it to us.

31. Our understanding will be complete; our knowledge will be thorough.

32. His will and word will be unfolded to us in the measure He wants us to have it.

33. We will all be seen at our best as God beholds us.

34. We will be as the angels.

35. We will be good at all times, not ever bad.

36. We will not fail nor be frustrated nor thwarted nor scolded nor reprimanded.

37. Mistakes will not be made.

38. All our needs will be supplied; and our wants will be within the will of God.

39. Our happiness will exceed any earthly happiness we have ever experienced.

40. We will not ever be tired or sick.

41. We will seek only the things God has approved.

42. Any and all entertainment (if it is to be called that) if we need it, God will determine and He will approve and provide it.

43. Spiritual love will dominate our emotions.

44. The chemical elements and energy and matter (‘things’) will not exist, as all will be of a spiritual nature.

45. There will be no fakery, no falsity, no hypocrisy, no deceit, no hidden agendas.

46. Trials and temptations, judgements and condemnation will have all been left in the physical world from which we were ascended.

47. Arguments will have been replaced with pleasant conversation.

48. We will be continually and forever refreshed and made vital and healthy.

49. We will be only and completely the ‘family’ of God, which He wants around Him.

50. Heaven will be HOME, with all the love and warmth, care and safety, fulfillment and security we could ever possibly want.


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