7 suggestions to encourage a young preacher

preachingStephen, here are my off-the-cuff suggestions to encourage Richard the young preacher.

  1. Guard your life with God jealously. Let no work interfere with your relationship with the Lord. Make your time with him in prayer, reading, and meditation a priority.
  2. Define your mission, establish objectives, and pursue them relentlessly. Make evangelism your top job.
  3. If the Word says it, insist on it. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter.
  4. Surrender all ambition to power and leadership. Your authority is in the Word, your influence in your teaching and life, your sway over others through love and sacrifice.
  5. Set your schedule and stick to it. Pace yourself. Don’t be lazy, but don’t wear yourself out before the time. Take time off. Find strength in renewal.
  6. Forget immediate results. Make it your aim to be faithful, not successful.
  7. Be thankful at all times. Resentment will kill not only your work, but your life in God.

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