9-9-2015 Roman Catholic Church Has Not Spirit

“But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you” (Matthew 10:19-20 NKJV). Jesus specifically said the “how,” that is the wording of the revelation, and “what,” that is, the message itself, should not be premeditated! The Roman Catholic Church claims “Magisterium,” or continual inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit for its teaching office consisting of its “Pope” and Bishops. After much backroom debates, and controversy, the head of the Roman Catholic Church reads their findings! Every such reading proves without doubt, that the Holy Spirit does not speak to or through the Roman Catholic Church!

This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.