A blessed weekend, etc.

‘Twas a busy weekend here, and it wasn’t even a holiday in Brazil. The Maiden started her driving course, the area churches had an all-day fellowship and cookout on Saturday, we had guests for the weekend, and I’ve forgotten other busy details. In all, a blessing.

• Over on the GoSpeak mission ministry site, I shared an annual date dear to our family. I spent most of my day setting up the new website for our Brazilian magazine, which we’ve published, off and on, since the 80s.

• Yesterday’s New Testament reading was Revelation 6, the opening of the first six seals of the scroll. No science fiction film can match the dramatic effect and the suspense of the four horses and their riders, or the souls of the righteous under the altar, or the unrighteous hiding in caves and among the rocks as the universe collapses in upon itself. When God judges, there’s nowhere to run.

• Check out the new entries on Christian-Poets.com, with a new poet in the group.

• Evil worms its way in quietly and grows in strength silently, until it has the power to manifest itself and take control. This influence, one among many strategies of the Father of Lies, applies to individual lives and congregation.

• We extend our sympathy to Betty Choate, whose mother passed away last week. She was 90 years old, active to the end.

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