A broken system (letter to editor)

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan created a panel to study the ways in which the prosecutions of sexual assaults can be improved. “The system is broken, and too often we fail the victims of sexual assault.” Unfortunately, the brief article identified nothing concerning what actually was (is) broken, unless it is the “only 5 percent to 20 percent of all rapes are reported” (JG-TC, 4.3.2015, A-6).

That does not sound like the “system” is broken, but a failure in people reporting the problem/assault. Perhaps some people have a confidence problem in justice being rendered once justice is pursued. Why is that? Is it because there is a confidence problem in the justice system? Is it because there is some other reason or reasons?

“Give us another law!” some will say. Will another “law on the books” corral criminal sexual misconduct? Are “laws on the books” the solution to such evil, or perhaps it might be the moral compass from which current society operates? In other words, society is hardly able to tell right from wrong anymore.

“Don’t give us any of your ‘God’ religion!” one exasperatingly says. Well, okay, I guess you can continue to have your secular, atheistic religion permeate society’s mores. After all, it has served your hedonistic tendencies well, hasn’t it?

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