A chocolate-covered sermon

When I tweeted the following, David K. thought it would preach: “I just ate the last chocolate-covered almond without knowing it was the last one. So sad, because I could have enjoyed it even more.” Can you find a sermon in there?

• The latest foreign import inaugurates today in SJCampos: Outback restaurant, in the Center Vale Mall. Probably going to be pricey. So we’ll wait to let them work out all the opening-night kinks. Where did we find out about it? Facebook.

• The new Forthright Magazine will be rolled out shortly, Lord permitting. It’s taking shape nicely, after some intense work. Just don’t look too far back in time. If you want to take a pre-launch peek and give us feedback as a beta tester (I said that to make it sound swuft), zip me off an email, if you have my address, or through my contact page, if you don’t.

• Our home had guests over the weekend, good friends from our former city. They invited themselves over — good friends can do that — but I exacted my price: his teaching Saturday at our monthly advanced Bible study, for three hours, and preaching on Sunday. I drive hard bargains, yes?

• The Missus slaved in the kitchen over the weekend. Splendid meals. So I offered to take her out last night. She wanted to wait until today. Now she wants to just order in some pizza, from the delivery place just around the corner, rather than get out. I call everyone as my witness that I was playing the good hubby. Should I tell her three strikes and she’s out?

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