A Clothing Trend That Just Makes No Sense

Buying new clothes that look old. I’m sure other cultures outside of America do the same thing but that still doesn’t make it make any sense!

“Brand new” pants with holes, cuts, patches, worn patterns and frayed bottoms straight off of the store shelves at prices higher than pants with no defects?!  It’s a second-hand look at souped-up first hand prices. And the same trend can be found with shirts and hats. But I wonder why people don’t buy socks with holes in them? Anyways.

Want holes in your pants? I know a couple of ways of getting them that are much cheaper:

  • Truth be told, I have a couple of pair of pants with holes in them – but they got that way because I worked in them and now they continue to be my work pants.
  • Actually go to a second-hand store to get the second-hand look.
  • Buy a new pair that’s much cheaper than the fake old pair and give them to someone who needs a new pair of pants and let them wear them out and then bring them back to you a couple of years later.

I know this may sound like an “old-man” rant, maybe because it is, but how silly can a clothing trend get?

A culture that can afford to pay more money, and actually makes other people called “clothing designers” very rich while doing so, to get an impoverished look with their clothing is a culture that has more dollars than sense.

But hey, dressing up the outside with clothing that’s deceptive isn’t anything new is it?

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

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