A Faithful Servant & His Faithful Lord

INTRODUCTION: This is the last book that the Apos-tle Paul penned chronologically. Paul is in Rome in the time of Nero, awaiting execution. As a Roman citizen he would escape crucifixion and be beheaded. In this last chapter of the book (chapter 4) is what some have called “ Paul’ s Last Will & Testament.” He wants to encourage Timothy in his work for the Lord and to instruct him on what to expect as the “ torch is passed” to him. Paul re-minds Timothy that he was faithful to the Lord Jesus and encourages Timothy to stand fast. He reminds Timothy that they serve a God and a Savior who is likewise faithful.

The Charge of Paul to Timothy (vs. 1-5)

 In verse 1 we see the authority of the ‘charge.” It is a military term that denotes that it is not just a suggestion. This charge is based on and backed by the Father and the Son. The One (Jesus) who will keep His promise to “judge the living and the dead.”

This passage confirms that Jesus is coming again.

Timothy is told to “Preach the Word!” (stress inerrancy). Let’s turn back to 2 Tim. 3:14-18. He is told to continue in the Word of God.

Timothy must be ready at all times to stand upon and proclaim the Word of God. He must be faithful to do it no matter where he is and what audience he is speaking, teaching or preaching.

Timothy is told how to “preach the Word.”  Convince, (NKJV) rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.  Why was there then  and why is there  now an urgency to “preach the Word?”  “For the time will come..” (Already there/here.) that many “will not endure sound doctrine” –leaving the Word of God. They will not want to follow the Bible anymore unless convenient.

Jesus said, “If you love Me, Keep My commandments.” People will find teachers who will tell them what they want to hear. (itching ears.)   Christians will turn “aside” Leave the Truth, Church & the Lord V. 4. They will base their beliefs not on the Bible, but on fables.

 What does Paul Tells Timothy To Do. He tells him to be watchful Timothy must know the Word and know what he believes in order to confront error—2 Tim. 2:15- importance of study—2Tim 3:14- 15 He must do the work of an evangelist-Timothy was to faithful preach and teach the Word of God. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18- 20; Mark 16:15-16) He must fulfill your ministry. Each one of us has a ministry. The Lord has given each one of us at least one talent, probably more than we realize. We must be willing to use that talent for the Lord. We must be willing to be used of God to help reach the lost with the saving Gospel and also to strengthen the saved.

Can the Lord Jesus count on YOU!

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