A Famine Not of Bread

One of the highlights of each week is the bulletin written by Larry Acuff, of the Lithia Springs Church of Christ in Georgia. He always has some great articles, but the best thing about it is that he writes the same way he speaks.

From the Ethiopian famine

In the June 26 edition, Larry did an article concerning what many people think about gospel meetings and lectureships. He wrote there are folks who’d just as soon see both means of preaching the gospel ended. This is what Larry wrote, and it bears repeating,

“Here is the message, brethren. Be careful signing the death warrant to something just because it appears to be declining. Some brethren have signed the death warrant to gospel meetings because, as they say, ‘Nobody attends.’ However, Jesus has a different take. ‘It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe,’ (1 Corinthians 1:21).”

The pragmatic viewpoints of some remind me of the priests of Josiah’s day. Since they had been successful drumming out of the minds of people any knowledge of God, they actually had lost the book of God’s law (2 Chronicles 34).

When some brethren decided on a pragmatic approach to managing the church like a business, that’s when this idea was born to shorten meetings, stop having lectureships and put a limit or outright destroy preaching on television or radio.

As Larry went on to say, “Our brotherhood has more opportunities to learn, be encouraged and enjoy fellowship than ever before.” Bibles are available everywhere, but there is a dearth of preaching the word. Will we learn from Judah’s mistakes, or will we suffer the same consequences?

The Prophet Amos told Israel there would be a famine in the land, but not a famine of bread (Amos 8:11). It would be a famine of “hearing the words of the LORD.” It seems some would have the same kind of famine now.

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