A Few Thoughts From Matthew 15

A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 15. The commandments (traditions) of men, in the context here, are those commands that seek to nullify (or unintentionally nullify) what God actually commanded to be done. It is not talking about traditions per se, but only those traditions that relegate God’s commands as commands that can’t be obeyed. It is so easy for one to say that to honor God is a higher matter of moral and spiritual obligation than to honor one’s parents. This would be fine, if there was no setting aside what God declared needs to be done. The word tradition is not a bad word in a religious setting (context); for instance, it is the tradition of the local congregation to meet every morning at 6am. That is a tradition that the local church feels meets their needs better than meeting at 10am. Moreover, it is a tradition that the local church meet twice on Sunday; if they chose to meet only once that, too, would be okay. The tradition, however, that sets aside the command to be baptized by immersion for something like sprinkling is not okay, and will not meet with the Lord’s approval.


When the Lord said that the Father will root up any and all plants He did not plant, it becomes incumbent upon us to be sure we have been planted by the Father. How can we learn such a thing as this? The Scriptures teach in John 6:44-45 that we learn from the Father when we learn the Scriptures. When you couple that with Jesus’ own teaching, why would anyone allow themselves to be planted by anyone but the Father!