A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 19

This chapter deals with a saying of Jesus that secular society refuses to come to terms with; from the perspective of secular society marriage is not to be limited. This includes homosexual marriages and marriage to as many spouses one may have through the years. Jesus, the Author of life, did not so affirm. In fact, when He took the conversation all the way back to the Garden of Eden He made it clear that all men everywhere are accountable to these words. Our humanistic society rejects such. Because of Satan’s ploy (cf. 2 Corinthians 2:11) many gospel preachers and Christians in general have also rejected the implementation of the Lord’s words to society. Perhaps there is much difficulty in one’s ministry regarding compromised situations – this I will attest to readily. Given that, however, there is a “default” position, and the Lord’s words are it.


Have you ever thought about the word good? When the word is used it implies a measuring rod by which something else is measured. For instance, if you say something is evil, then you have a measuring rod in mind that identifies something else as good. To judge something as evil implies a quality as less than good. Satan is evil, we declare. What is the standard by which he is declared evil? God and His standard of holiness; God is good. Thus anything less than the perfect standard is less good, if you will. In 19:17, the Lord calls God’s commands good. How are you doing in relation to that (cf. 1 John 5:3; 2:1)?