A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 25

Preparation is always easy to understand, but unfortunately is seems to be more difficult to apply. There is a reason for that: “I have time.” With regard to the Lord many think they have time because they are, in part, looking for the signs of the Lord’s return; sign of the times, you might say. Why shouldn’t they? They have heard from premillennialists that there are signs to occur when the Lord returns, and they could just wait till then. It appears, however, that five of the virgins anticipated incorrectly the time of the bridegrooms return!


The “talents” of this chapter do not pertain to one’s ability. Thus, when one says: “My talent is to play the guitar” or, another says: “My talent is to sing songs to the Lord” misses the point of what we are to understand. What’s the point? How well did you work with that which your Lord gave to you? Did you seek to manage well that which belongs to another, or did you seek to keep that which belongs to another for your own purposes? Take note of the “name” of the servant (25:30). Another point to remember: the Lord of these servants knew well the capability of the particular servants; there was an expectation along with the responsibility given. Don’t judge what other servant do or can’t do; be sure you do what you ought to do.


Preparation, Propriety, and Punishment