A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 26

I have always been impressed with the Lord’s words concerning an act of devotion by a woman (26:11). What impresses me most is how Mark records it. “She has done what she could” (Mark 14:8).  It may be that some saints feel as if they can do nothing in comparison with other saints; I would encourage them, however, to not make such comparisons. It is not a matter of what one can do in comparison with another, but did she (he) do what he (she) could do?


It is terribly unfortunate if one thinks that because we have the poor with us always that somehow justifies not tending to the needs of those saints who are poor.


Would you betray the Son of Man for a month’s wage, as Judas did? When the Lord said to his disciples that one around the table was actually guilty (26:23) no one could possibly understand such an egregious act being contemplated, so they ask the Lord “Is it I?” Judas asked the same question. I wonder why? Was his guilt so over-powering that in order to alleviate any suspicion by the others he asked the Lord the same? I suspect that is the case. How disappointed, dispiriting, and sunk he felt when the Lord replied!