A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 28

In the first chapter an angel visits Mary and then Joseph. In this chapter an angel visit the women. Matthew has “bookends” with an angel visiting women. Now how is that for a “Jewish” gospel in a “man’s” world?!


The women come to the tomb for anointing purposes and meet an angel that frightened them, I suppose, beyond anything measurable they have yet to experience in life. Yet, the Lord’s servant tells each to fear not. What a word of encouragement, but yet, how could they not fear with such an out-of-this-world being? That fear turns from encouragement (to not fear) to excitement when they learn that the Lord is raised. To make their excitement all the more intense, the risen Lord speaks to them. I can’t imagine what it would have been like!


To the eleven disciple (then twelve, Acts 1), the Lord gave His great commission. They (the apostles) were to go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation. The excitement the women experienced now belongs to the Lord’s chosen disciples, but with that excitement there is a serious charge. Is this our charge also? To the eleven He gave these words, but how else will we teach men but that we do the same?