A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 4

Moses was in the wilderness leading a people that had in their midst a rebellious contingent. They called upon Moses to provide them sustenance, and with that Moses and Aaron approach the Lord. The Lord tells them to do a certain thing and Moses in his frustration with the people goes beyond that certain thing the Lord told him to do (Numbers 20:1-11). Satan tempts Jesus to provide for Himself sustenance, but Jesus refused.  Satan knows that Jesus is God’s Son, but his test is with respect to what kind of Son Jesus will be! Just what kind of “son” are we to the Father? **** What is it to be a “fisher of men”? I am not a fisherman, but I understand that when one casts a line, the bait at the end of the line is to be attractive and appetizing. Having latched on, the Lord “reels” them in. This imagery, however, is not to be seen as one who struggles trying to get away, but one who latches on trying not to let Satan come full-force to rip one away. Paul said to Titus that he is to exhort bondservants to adorn (make attractive) the doctrine of God (Titus 2:9-10). To be a fisher of men, at the very least, means one is to do that. The method employed by individuals might vary, but this one is crucial.