A Few Thoughts From: Matthew 7

If you want to find a “Bible student” on the street who will let you know just how wrong you are in judging others, it will be the one that brings verse 1 to your attention – judge not that you be not judged! Be sure, however, to not ask them where the words they assert are located and, most definitely, do not ask them the context of the passage, because then you’ll just be intolerant and a legalist!


When one considers 7:13-14, it is so easy to look upon others for this warning to be applied; it would be wise, however, if we look at ourselves. While a conscientious person will be hard on self – much harder than those on the outside will be – still, that conscientious person knows the personal motivations and, perhaps, purity that prompted one to take a path too broad. Yet, that path had been taken and no matter what prompted it, one is on it. Look at self, and then help others do the same with regard to themselves.