A friend in need is heaven’s seed, &c

WordPress has a new feature, or an improved old feature, one should say: the just-write, full-screen mode. It gets rid of all the distractions to let you … just write. It’s the button with the arrows pointing at the corners, in the dashboard area. I like it. May use it more. Like right now.

• The Maiden had a bit of reality today. She’s teaching English at a language school geared toward business people. In today’s teachers’ meeting the coordinator dumped on them for not being available when she needed them. It’s not like the job is a priority for her, finishing high school. She went in for the experience and spending money. That’s life, unfortunately, and bad business.

• I decided to forget the business option I was tinkering with last year before all our support came through, but I keep getting referrals from customers. Rather, for modesty’ sake, today another referral appeared. Still, a good sign, no?

• Richard M. shared some wonderful news with us today. Be sure to read it here. Moments like this make the effort worth it.

• Even with the Internet, people can float in and out of your life. Happens gradually, but happens. What’s that old saying, friends come and go, but enemies accumulate? Pretty pessimistic, methinks. I prefer something like this:

A friend in need is heaven’s seed,
For love to germinate;
When one moves on, and friends are gone,
God opens another gate. —JRM

I’m grateful for those who have passed through, and for those who have been appearing of late.

• After a long delay, we have Mike B.’s book info back on the FPress site, In Search of Perfection: Studies from Job. He does a great job with the book of Job, using passages to explore its themes. Great for group study, Bible school, ladies’ classes. (Were it not for Weylan, I’d have figured the latter had gone out with bell bottom jeans.)

• Today has been a good day for posting on TFR. Days are your editor thinks all the Fellows (excepting a couple) are about to play out, then, boom!, in come the posts. Consistency, thou art a jewel.

• After decision dillydallying, the gavel falls: Sunday’s sermon text will be from 1 Cor. 15, not so much the content as the metadata, how Paul approaches the subject, his implications, applications, line of attack. And this one, maybe you can help: Why does Paul wait until nearly the end of his letter to deal with such an essential topic? What say ye?

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