A Godly Grandmother’s Influence

A preacher by the name of Tom Baker, in Phoenix, AZ taught me the Gospel through a lengthy Sat. afternoon Bible Study. That Bible study came about after visiting the congregation one Sunday. My wife, Linda and I had discussed going to church. I had come from a Baptist background and she had been influenced by her Grandmother. Her Grandmother had taught her a lot about the gospel and the church, although she had not been baptized herself at that time. She insisted that the only church she would attend would be at a church of Christ congregation. I relented to attending to one which she had already chosen in an investigation mode. Tom came to visit,or called on the phone, offered the Bible Study, and I agreed. I didn’t think he could teach me anything I really didn’t already know, but….. While being involved in that study I learned a lot I didn’t know. As a result Linda asked to be baptized. It took me another month to do the same. Having been baptized in the Baptist church was a hang up to me as to what the difference was. Better to be baptized again for the right reasons than to ignore the need and not make it to heaven. I believe it was Tom’s sermon that Sunday AM that settled it for me. BTW, Linda’s Grandmother was baptized in a horse trough after they broke the ice on it. I thank God for her Godly influence on my wife and pray we will meet again in heaven.

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