A good part of the day — today is my da…

A good part of the day — today is my day off, of sorts — has been spent looking at Bibles, versions, Internet offerings, and thinking of the Brazilian church and society at large, and wondering what best will serve the moment. One conviction, which was always present, is how people need to read the Bible more. Individually, and in groups. Preaching and teaching and writing is all good and fine, and I do my share of it, but nothing, yea and behold, nothing, trumps the Sacred Text which is able to instruct us for salvation, as per 2 Tim. 3:15.

Last night in our home study, we read the entire first chapter of Mark. Yes, with comments, and questions, and explanations, but we read more than usual. Recently, we read through the book of James. How can we do more reading and less talking, but still help comprehension and obedience? Since the power is not in my words or wisdom, but in the oracles of God.

In his always excellent LightGrams, Tim Hall today quoted Deut. 32:47, where Moses told the people of Israel to keep the words of the law. “For this is no idle word for you – it is your life!” (NET).

That being so, if possible, more today than then, it seems imperative to create more opportunity and greater space to read, to read, to read the word of God.

UPDATE: I offer 10 ideas here on how to encourage Bible reading.

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