A Good Website for Movie Reviews

I searched quite a while and finally found a website that I think does a really good job of reviewing movies from a fair Bible based moral viewpoint. You can even sign up for emails that come out each week with a description of the new weekend release’s language, violence, sex and nudity content. It also has a “search box” to look up individual movie reviews from the past. Along with the rating, there is also a basic review that describes the movie’s theme from beginning to end, along with particular reasons that the movie received the rating that it did. Fewer things irk me than children’s movies with adult innuendos. This isn’t an “endorsement,” but I will say that I have yet to find anything that comes close to being better for the purpose…and it’s free!

The website is called MovieGuide.org. So, if you still like to try to squeeze in a movie once in a blue moon (it’s been about a year for me), but you want to avoid the junk as best as possible, you will find this site to be extremely useful!

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