A lesson on the judgment

Since my father was a preacher, we went to several gospel meetings during the summer in the 1960s.

It was during one of those meetings that I heard the most descriptive lesson I’d ever heard about the judgment. It was almost like being present, seeing the events first-hand. I was 12-years old when I heard it and obeyed the gospel a few days later.

The lesson was not one of those typical “fire and brimstone” sermons. It was more designed to cause the hearer to think about their spiritual condition and the unappealing prospect of being on the wrong side of the Lord on that day.

This is still an important thing for people to think about. All of us need to understand on which side we’re living. Coming to the realization that one is lost on judgment day is certainly too late to do anything about it.

Which side are you on? Think about it and make sure you obey the Lord’s commands to obey the gospel. Do it today.

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