A longer pause

Under two days is our average for staying in a single place since Aug. 4, our arrival in the U.S. We’ll stretch that a bit, as we stay here in Iuka MS near Vicki’s mother, through Friday, Lord willing. Three and a half days!

Tomorrow night, we plan to go to an area-wide meeting in Corinth, with Alan Highers preaching. One of the elders here has invited us to go with him and his wife. Perhaps we’ll bump into some people there, whom we only know through the Internet so far.

Thursday, if it works out, Barbara Ann and I will meet up, exact location undetermined, to talk about our work together — Forthright Press, BrotherhoodNews.com etcetera, etcetera.

And our family might even take a short jaunt, on Wednesday, perhaps, to meet some special people coming from Texas, up through Arkansas and across Tennessee via I-40, on their way to Polishing the Pulpit. That still to work out.

Supposedly, the next few days we’ll be more stationary. Perhaps we can check in more to TFR. Reckon?