A Man Who Is His Own Barber has A. . .

All we have to do in our family is mention “the hair story” and everyone laughs. I even laugh now.

My wife likes my hair longer than I do. Eventually, I convinced her after a number of years of thinning hair that short is better than long, especially for me.

It was November. I put a mirror in my workshop. I bought the clippers. Figured out I wanted the 1/4 inch spacer and proceeded to give myself a buzz cut. Actually, it was much easier than I had anticipated. I was even a little irritated that I had gone to the trouble of mounting that mirror!

A month later we were preparing to go to my wife’s uncle’s place for Christmas. By then my hair looked awful. I was beginning to understand, short hair must be cut more frequently. My 1/4 inch had grown to about a 3/4 inch—at least in some places.

The high that day was 8 degrees in my unheated shop. So I figured why not just go down to the cellar to cut my hair? I had already decided I didn’t need a mirror. Just a large trash can and clippers would do. Seriously, what could go wrong?

Of course, I read the instructions which said I should oil the clippers. . .and I did. But the oil was barely coming out. I squeezed a little harder and the whole insert in the end of the bottle flew out and oil went all over my clippers and hands. I found a rag, popped off the spacer. . .don’t get ahead of me. . . and cleaned it all up.

I made a couple of sideways swipes across the top of my head. I then dumped the hair that had accumulated on top the clippers into the trash can. The hair looked a lot longer that I thought it should. Puzzled, I asked myself, “Where’s all that hair coming from?” A quick rub over the top of my head gave me my answer as I then looked over and saw the evil spacer right where I had put it after the oil incident.

The story goes on from there, but I’ll cut it short. . .so to speak.

And that’s my interesting haircut.

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