A New Year Adam B. Cozort If two thousan…

A New Year
Adam B. Cozort

If two thousand ten is like two thousand nine,
Opportunities will abound for the Lord’s work to shine.
But if the latter year is not like the first,
Will it be better or will it be worse?
The good news, my brethren, is it does not matter,
For our God will be with us for worse or for better.

As we usher a new year in once again,
God will remain with us as He has always been.
However, our God requires action from us.
Will you be counted among those He can trust?
Will you stand with the faithful on the front line of battle,
or will you try to just stand in the back and prattle?

As we start this new year the time is at hand,
To present God’s Word to all that we can.
Will you stand faithful and use all your might,
To stand for what is godly, true, and right?
There is no individual God does not want.
None who cannot help with the task from the front.

In this new year our task should be clear:
To spread the Gospel both far and near.
Will you resolve to put God first in your life,
Whatever the conflict, whatever the strife?
To resolve to fulfill our Lord’s commands,
Even if it makes you unpopular with friends.

The new year approaches, it has reached the front door.
It is time to decide what you will use this year for.
Will you come with me and stand by my side,
To hold up the banner, to fight and not hide?
With God on our side who can stand in our way?
Only ourselves, if we choose not to stay.

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