A Pattern?

I truly believe that one of my main peeves today is preachers who listen to other preachers and never bother to investigate the Bible from which they claim they preach. Here is my latest upset: Recently, I heard a preacher very strongly denounce the idea that we have a “pattern” in the New Testament to follow. Why the term “pattern’ has become divisive is certainly a mystery to me. If my old brain is still working, God gave Moses a “pattern” to follow in Exodus 26:30, did He not? And it was valid, for the Hebrew writer endorses it in Hebrews 8:5. Therefore, the idea of a “pattern” is not a foreign idea. But what about in the New Testament? Well, personally, I believe that Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit in his writings. In Philippians 3:17, Paul writes: “Brothers, be imitators of me, and mark those who walk this way, for you have us for a pattern.” Again, in II Timothy 1:13, he wrote: “Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me…” So, either we DO have a pattern to follow in the New Testament, or Paul was not inspired when he wrote. Which is it? What say ye?