A Pleasant Trip

Our family had three terrific days with Brazilian Christian friends at a resort hotel in the mountains. Jorge, Paula and their 10-year-old son Daniel are dedicated saints who helped us establish the Taubate church and went on to establish the Guaratingueta church by themselves — all the while living in Sao Paulo and working 10-12-hour days.

We went at their invitation to a place they’ve gone to several times before. They were last there over Christmas holidays with members of their natural family.

On the way home — about a 2 and 1/2 hour trip — we ran into a torrential rain storm in the Mantiqueira mountain range not far from us, and I wondered if Noah had seen as hard a downpower as what I drove through. Many parts of Brazil are being flooded with hard rains.

We’re a tad tired, after overdoses of ping-pong, billiards, fishing, cards games, walks, lots of chit-chat and tables heaping with food. (Pictures coming …) Besides the normal meals, there was the five-o’clock tea with cakes and biscuits.

So now to find out what day it is and pick up with normal routine of life and work.

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