A prayer poem by G.C. Brewer

"That I May Finish My Course"

Father, grant ‘ere set of sun
That I may see my task well done;
Something attempted — let it be
A finished work, Dear Lord, for thee.
At dawn I looked upon my field
And dreamed of harvest’s golden yield;
I set my hand, Lord, to the plow,
Nor have I yet turned back, but now,
I pray Thee strength and wisdom send
To carry on unto the end.
Through winter snow, and summer heat,
I’ve walked Thy way with willing feet.
I’ve cleared Thy land of brush and weed
And plowed the soil and sowed the seed,
And felt the joy of those who know
The seed they sow will live and grow.
But other fields are waste and bare,
And I would fain go labor there:
Give me strength, O Lord, and years,
To work with joy and even with tears.
That other workers may be won,
To take the task when mine is done.
And grant me ‘ere the darkness close
To earn a share in that repose
That waits for those who spend their days,
In faith and prayer and work and praise —
The joy of harvest, full, complete
Sheaves to lay, Lord, at Thy feet.

~ brother G. C. Brewer
"Contending For The Faith"

“Thoughts For Today to Brighten Your Day” by Glenn, Mercedes and Lauren Hitchcock