A rare invitation

Imagine for a moment that you received an invitation in the mail to a special banquet in which several important figures would be in attendance. The invitation also specifies that you will be able to choose with whom you want to sit when you arrive. Despite not knowing who the important figures will be, you eagerly make plans to attend. 

Now imagine it is the night of the banquet. Upon your arrival you are welcomed at the door. You walk into the large banquet hall and discover there are ten tables spread throughout the hall. At each table the important figures are seated on one side, and they are hoping you will join them on the other. You’re surprised, you recognize the figures at each of the tables. At that moment, the person who greeted you asks where do you choose to sit. Here are your choices:

Table  1 – Adam and Eve

Table  2 – Noah

Table  3 – Abraham

Table  4 – Moses and Aaron

Table  5 – Elijah and Elisha

Table  6 – David

Table  7 – Joseph and Mary

Table  8 – The apostles

Table  9 – Peter

Table 10 – Paul and Timothy

Imagine when sitting down at your table the important figure asks you to share the reason you chose to sit with them. What do you say? And then, when they invite you to ask any question or discuss anything you would like, what do you choose to talk about? 

Finally, after a period of time the person who greeted you at the door comes to your table and asks “Where would you like to sit next?”

Who do you choose?