A shocking development! – JAM

This is Just-a-minute with Ed Boggess. Dwight Wymer, a Baptist preacher from Grand Rapids, Michigan, made the news during VBS. He used a home-made electric chair to shock his young Bible students. Holding his Bible to read, he would tell the class that God wants to speak to them and when they didn’t pay attention, he would zap them with an electrical shock. Then he would explain that God sometimes can shock us into hearing His word. Wymer reported that from then on they paid attention when he read the Bible to them. Complaints from parents forced him to give up the practice. While I don’t recommend Wymer’s methodology, a few well placed electrical connections here and there in the auditorium might do more to restore some liveliness into our services and awake the sleepy saints than a hundred other suggestions. It might have even stirred Laodicea from its lukewarmness.

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