A Study of Holiness

I am studying holiness, sanctification and our separation from the world. These are complex subjects that some touch on, but we do not see many in-depth studies of them. The Calvinists write about them quite extensively, as I am finding. But, who among us?

We do a great job in the brotherhood of studying the major issues that divide us and in the areas where we are commonly attacked by those in the broader religious world. However, when we come to deep, foundation topics, we tend to shy away from them. I’m not sure why.

We talk about salvation all the time. But, when I planned my first book, The Most Important Question, I realized the paucity of books that existed on the simple plan of salvation. We talk about baptism, but do we dig deeper into Scripture and see its roots in the Old Testament? Do we pursue all of the permutations of salvation and what it truly means?

Will we dig deeper? Will we challenge ourselves?

What thoughts do you have on holiness, sanctification and spiritual growth? Your input and any resources that you know personally, will be appreciated.

I am drawn to these subjects very strongly. As I continue in my studies, especially in reference to Ephesians, may God be praised (Ephesians 3:20-21).

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