A Thought About Christ

The Daily Nudge stays on today from yesterday, because the topic ask about the Fellows’ best thought about Christ and because they were too much absent yesterday. And I really, really want to hear what they have to say on this one.

This question belongs in much the same category as the one about choosing a favorite Bible book. Category of the hard, almost unfair questions. For who can single out one thing about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? So the question tends to serve more for a moment to register a recent thought that has been bouncing around in the brain, a recent verse or truth that appeared anew to brace the heart, a need that lately drove the soul to seek the Lord for specific resources or answers.

So shall I mention how the Lord drives out my fears and inspires faith to trust and follow when the winds blow hard and the waves burst high upon the breakers? Or might I try to measure the heights from which he came to take upon the status of a man? Or would I pass along to you today that single word, the divine yes, “I Will,” to show he cares and cures and loves and saves?

No, none of these. Today, at least. For, to single out a thought about the Lord, go I must to the Cross. To agony in its purest form, to pain borne not for one or two but for a race, to countless sins heaped up in hideous press upon an imploding heart. Yes, to Golgotha I go, that ugly place of death whose very name restricts the throat! To cries of terror at eternal loneliness compressed in a moment. To compassion in the midst of tears and tearing flesh, to whispered prayers for pardon for the hardened soldiers whose hammers nailed him to the tree and stiffnecked traditionalists who laughed at nakedness and called for proof by bursting free.

I’d turn away from such a sight of horrors, but love that would not give me up makes the Hill of Skulls, that gruesome slope of public torture, a holy ground where feet lose their shoes and souls shake off their sins.

That, today, is my best thought about Christ.

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