A touching moment

Last night was a touching moment as The Missus and I got to do several things at once.

  • For the first time, we watched our daughter Leila, our daughter-in-law Tansy, and Leila’s boyfriend Brandon sing in Chorale’s last performance of the year, held in Old Chapel Hall of the Old Main building of FHU. Just happened to be in the USA at the time.
  • The performance was done especially for Guilherme Luz’s parents, who came from Brazil for his graduation on Saturday. Gee, also a member of Chorale, and Leila are good friends. Some 50-60 people also appeared, mostly students, when the word got out.
  • We were honored to be able to translate conductor Gary McKnight’s introductions of the songs for Dionísio and Vilma, who don’t speak English. They sat between Vicki and me, so we felt their intense emotions at seeing their son perform in the Chorale. We’ve known them for years, but haven’t seen them in a long time.

This is but one of many enjoyable moments we’ve had in the USA. I don’t have any photos of the moment, and Gee hasn’t posted any of his yet. Soon …

UPDATE: Photo at this link.

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