A Trainwreck

I don’t have the best imagination, but undoubtedly my life without Christ would be a trainwreck. However, I wouldn’t have the perspective to identify it as such, most likely.

Without Christ in my life (to the ultimate extent), I would not have been reared in a Christian home. I would have never worshiped with His children. I would have never read His Scriptures. I would have not grown up in a rural conservative community (wherein the majority still uphold New Testament values within their denominations). I would not have a godly wife. My children would not have a godly mother. If I chose to work (and not live off the government), I would probably be a mathematics professor or actuary (if I didn’t grow up in a 3rd world country, that is). Ultimately, without Christ in my life to any degree, I could not have grown up in America but some part of the world given over completely to moral darkness.

Without Christ, pleasure and leisure would be my lord and materialism my master for my years on this planet. And then I would die and make my separation from God permanent.

This is so sad to think about. I’m blessed beyond my wildest imagination, and I am not worthy. The nighmare described above is a reality for many, but not for me. God, give me the strength and passion to pull as many souls from the fire as I can!

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